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Defining an Integrated Marketing Agency and understanding how it can help to achieve your ambitions

The generic term ‘Marketing’ can include disciplines such as advertising, graphic design, website development, creating and implementing strategy, media creation such as photography and video, as well as market research, competitor analysis and direct marketing.

Integrated Marketing offers a holistic approach to marketing, combining all of the above into one cohesive framework.

Naturally, this results in integrated marketing agencies having distinct skill sets across their team, which work in synergy together to produce quality results.

For example, an e-mail marketing campaign depicting a key interview would require the following skills and processes:

  • Designer to create a bespoke template
  • Programmer to write the code
  • Videographer to capture the interview
  • Copywriter to create the written content
  • Analyst to report on the data
  • Account manager to make sure it all comes together on time, on budget and meeting the target audience’s needs.

For multi-faceted projects such as this, integrated marketing campaigns are the solution.

They don’t just provide clarity and consistency; there are numerous other advantages to using this style of marketing agency.


Expertise & Support in Every Area

Not only is an entire team of talented people made available to you and your brand; each is also a specialist in their own field. Alongside account management, you can expect an integrated marketing agency to help create content such as fully-responsive websites, e-mail nursery suites, strategic social media copy and images, video production, press releases, infographics, graphic design and more.

You can rely on an integrated marketing agency to have the skills, knowledge and expertise to run your campaign.

Integrated Marketing Agencies are Cost-effective

As you work with one single supplier offering integrated communications services, the process is streamlined throughout. You don’t need to worry about contacting different companies for different services, and costing is all provided within one transparent package. Ultimately you get a better result, within a faster timeframe.

Offers Scalability When You Need It

Having all of your digital marketing in the hands of one agency allows for the easy ‘scale-up’ of any particular campaign, and the flexibility to accommodate marketing needs. They know exactly what’s happening within each area, be that account management, content creation or social media management.

TMC Strategic Communications

Cross-channel Marketing Campaigns to Achieve One Goal

From search engine optimisation to email marketing, social media, and ads. Bringing all these different channels together allows you to drive traffic from one channel to another. Having an integrated marketing company managing all of this in one place ensures that everything aligns with your desired results.

Using Data and Analytics for Better Decision Making

Marketing data is important because it gives you insight into what may or may not be working within your campaigns. With specialists on hand, integrated marketing agencies can analyse historic and live data to determine the steps needed to deliver a successful campaign.

Managing Your Digital Marketing

Digital technology and the vast spectrum of internet applications can seem overwhelming when working to produce results. However, there’s no avoiding the fundamental shift in how we communicate.

More and more we are shifting from traditional forms of communications and the companies who take the plunge and engage integrated agencies will be the ones who benefit overall.

At TMC, we offer a multi-disciplinary team and access to a broad range of strategic solutions. Learn more about how we can collaborate to deliver your goals via digital marketing.

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