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In our fast-paced and visually stimulated world, illustration and animation have become a powerful tool for conveying complex messages and establishing a brand’s identity. By going beyond traditional visuals, animation and illustration in marketing offer opportunities for creativity, emotional engagement, and real visual impact.

But how can the integration of illustration and animation into your marketing strategy help organisations make these stronger connections with their audiences?

To find out more, we sat down with Senior Designer Dan Kavanagh, to explore his insights. With years of technical experience and a keen interest in consumer psychology and behaviour, he has honed his skills to elevate client creative projects through the use of Illustration and Animation.

Senior Designer Dan Kavanagh, TMC

Core reasons why Illustration & Animation aids effective communication:

  • They’re powerful tools for conveying complex messages and establishing a brand’s tone of voice.
  • Using them for storytelling has a greater impact and helps the user learn faster in comparison to written copy or photography.
  • Moving image, including animation and illustration, grabs and holds attention in a world saturated with mass content.
  • Illustration in marketing is visually appealing and persuasive, provoking thought, and evoking emotions.
  • Tailoring illustrations to the target audience engages and resonates with them.
  • Illustrations educate, inspire, and leave a lasting impression.

The power of visuals and the role of Illustration & Animation

“It’s impossible to create a brand or campaign without some sort of visual element. It’s like a triangle where the brand, language, and visuals converge harmoniously as a cohesive unit. These three points are interconnected, each integral to your message’s overall impact and resonance. All three of these points need to work simultaneously – they don’t work as individuals.

Illustration and animation expand the creative possibilities and allow for powerful storytelling, especially when dealing with complex data or messages that require concise delivery. By condensing the information into digestible and visually appealing formats, you can grab and hold attention, making a lasting impact on viewers.

In a world where attention spans dwindle and visual media dominates, illustrations and animations have become powerful marketing tools. People are more inclined to engage with visual content rather than lengthy written text. By utilising these visual tools, marketers can deliver their messages in engaging and enchanting ways that resonate with diverse audiences.”

Engaging audiences through Illustration & Animation

“When it comes to creating illustrations for a campaign, there’s one golden rule: know your audience. Understanding their preferences and sensibilities is the key to unlocking their engagement and making a lasting impact.

Animation and illustration in marketing are more than just visually appealing—they possess a persuasive power that can move viewers to action. Through thought-provoking imagery and emotive storytelling, illustrations can capture hearts and minds. From the initial black and white sketches that bring characters and scenes to life to the strategic infusion of colours that amplify desired emotions.

Imagine a whimsical theme designed to ignite the imaginations of school children or a compelling visualisation that communicates the profound impact of social responsibility and environmental sustainability. It’s through illustrations that these messages come to life, educating and inspiring in ways that other mediums simply can’t match.

With their persuasive power and unparalleled ability to engage diverse audiences, they can breathe life into your campaigns and evoke a genuine response.”

ESG and CSR - use of illustration in marketing

Our approach to Illustration & Animation

“When creating illustrations, our process involves careful consideration of various factors. For animation, we go beyond traditional illustration, considering movement, character rigs, and the overall brand identity.

We begin with black and white sketches to establish the style and feeling, gradually incorporating colours that align with the intended emotional impact, moving on to the blocking stage where we consider elements such as character rigs and composition ratios. Understanding the client’s vision and collaborating closely with them is at the heart of our process.

We always strive to go beyond the brief and present options that exceed expectations. Collaboration with our multidisciplinary team, including animators, illustrators, designers, and creative strategists, allows us to push creative boundaries further.”

Colour image of hospital using 3D animation services for medical solutions

Environmental and societal impact

“Recent shifts in consumer behaviour, such as shorter attention spans and changes in media consumption patterns, emphasise the need for captivating and unique illustrations.

We recognise the significance of crafting visuals that rise above the sea of content. Our mission is clear—to make a resounding impact by connecting with viewers on a profound and meaningful level, building an impression that lasts.

Illustrated scene of car, building and air

What is your perception of how AI is going to influence the space?

“While AI tools have gained popularity, their impact on illustration and animation remains limited. Human emotion and understanding are crucial in effectively conveying messages and meeting specific briefs.

It’s important to recognise that AI can be helpful in specific tasks, such as creating data visualisations and generating JavaScript code to generate expressions. By automating certain aspects of the process, such as generating JavaScript code to bring objects and characters to life. AI can save valuable time in the studio, allowing artists to focus more on the creative vision.”

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