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As the world has emerged into the post-pandemic landscape, industries across the globe have had to flex and adapt. There are new rules to navigate to ensure survival.

Brands are being held to account more strictly than ever before. Consumers and stakeholders are extremely discerning. They are reconsidering how they address mental and physical health challenges, how they manage their care needs, and how they expect to do business with healthcare companies. Most critically, they are equipped with far-reaching platforms to readily share their honest views. Public perception can make or break an organisation.

That’s not to mention the additional strain of rapid evolution of technology and the highly competitive markets.

With over 16 years’ experience collaborating within the Healthcare sector, TMC has a proven track record of delivering intelligence-led solutions to help overcome these challenges and scrutiny.

We work with organisations who are questioning how they can…

  • Maintain the momentum of heightened global demand?
  • Meet corporate objectives to satisfy stakeholders?
  • Work through regulatory burdens that slow speed to market of new products?
  • Counteract the fluctuating availability of skilled labour?
  • Market products and services while navigating and complying with complex UK regulatory guidelines?
  • More globally, make authentic connections with patients to improve conversion?
  • Battle migration of innovation to countries with cheaper resources?
  • Effectively demonstrate ESG and undertake meaningful CSR initiatives?

Ensuring each of these challenges are accounted for, requires a holistic, strategic approach to Healthcare marketing. An approach rooted in trust. An approach that delivers on commercial objectives organisational sustainability and ESG goals.

“In anticipation of the 10-year anniversary and reassessment of the MDR and IVDR in 2027, and given how long it takes to invoke reforms, now is the time, to “put changes into motion.” – Oliver Bisazza, MedTech Europe’s Director General of Industrial Policies and External Affairs

Navigating strict regulations

We understand the complex world of approvals and code compliance. Our Healthcare Client Services team have hundreds of hours of referencing, guideline adherence and technical know-how under their belts.

Language, asset and platform choice need to comply with the strict regulations that bind all MedComms. We are here to provide an extension to your delivery team. We save you time and resource by anticipating your needs and requirements.

Healthcare Marketing social media asset from the campaign

With scientific backgrounds in Neurophysiology, Molecular and Cellular Biology, we use our specialist knowledge to navigate and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. Our technical experience extends to Oncology, Cardiology and Diagnostics with proven delivery to niche HCP’s.

TMC’s informative, educational, and empowering messaging will reach the right audiences. Our framework is proven and it generates results.

Nurturing a talent pipeline

To future-proof the sector, Healthcare needs a strong, steady supply of skilled, highly qualified candidates. The most effective route is from the ground up. We help organisations ignite the passion for STEM subjects in students. Fuel the desire to be at the forefront of technological change.

Education is the key to developing the next generation of operatives, analysts, manufacturers and specialists. We work with you to weave it into your commercial and ESG objectives.

Talent Pipeline and Healthcare Marketing

“We’ve now reached a critical point where pharmaceutical firms need to rebuild and nurture dwindling talent pools, while also utilising innovative technology and maximising partnerships with external talent suppliers in order to find the undiscovered talent that is so desperately needed.” – MD, Broadbean Technology

Through virtual environments, students can be given access to new digital worlds. They can experience a day in the life, inspiring a new wave of talent. The skills they learn, can mould and shape their own academic choices. Choices that lead to a lifelong career in Healthcare.

Effectively demonstrate ESG

Visualising complex pathways and achievements, provides a real opportunity to think outside the box.

Our Data Visualisation techniques enable Healthcare organisations to reimagine key ESG metrics in new ways, connecting with stakeholders on a mass scale. Moving beyond figures and charts, animation and virtual environments bring meaningful milestones to life.

ESG Goals and Healthcare Marketing


‘How COVID-19 has changed the way US consumers think about healthcare’ – McKinsey & Co


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