Connect with your audience.

Your audiences expect a seamless experience from their first brand touchpoint through to the last.

Employing an omni-channel marketing approach provides a unified message and voice to reinforce trust. Trust that leads to action. The focus for any organisation should be to create a truly relevant, customer-centric journey.

In a saturated market with more options for brand amplification than ever before, we develop strategies and provide marketing services that ensure your organisation stays authentic. Our fully CIM accredited Marketing Team work closely with you to define objectives, develop messages, deliver outcomes and articulate insights. Business Intelligence that is essential to determining Key Lead Indicators and a clear ROI.

Paid Search/PPC

The most universally recognised form of paid amplification, PPC is the tool to fast-track visibility to your digital platform. As a proud Google Partner and advocates of Microsoft and Meta Ads, our team create strategic communications plans that align with your goals.

Our paid marketing is a proven strategic success. Evidenced through high CTR, low CPC and valuable levels of conversion. Each campaign is built on a foundation of targeted keyword research, identification of market opportunities and tracking with the latest industry trends.

Social Media Marketing

Social media gives you the opportunity to spread your content further, faster and in a cost-effective way. Providing your prospects a platform to communicate directly with you, our social campaigns adopt a human voice that can build trust. Trust that generates valuable leads.

We collaborate to develop campaigns that truly emphasise your organisation’s offerings. Through rich, organic content or targeted and amplified bursts. Each campaign can be married with bespoke landing pages, enhanced tracking and the identification of key audience personas to make every impression count.

Content Creation

 A successful content strategy increases engagement with each member of your audience. Building a community is more than broadcasting copy across multiple channels.

Our content is expertly crafted to support your wider digital strategy. It extrapolates your core messaging and tailors it to the most appropriate network. We want to nurture your audience. We want them to anticipate your updates, feel reassurance and affection to your brand. The end result is increased dwell time on your platforms and progression through the purchase funnel.

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Influencers & Connectors

TMC help you to leverage key thought leaders, affiliate brands and supporters to extend your reach. Both B2C and B2B audiences consume information from a wide variety of sources. Even when these sources are seemingly unrelated to the original product or service.

We have refined effective outreach strategies to make meaningful contact and long-term partnerships with those most relevant to your organisation. Co-ordinated, complementary messaging has to be engaging enough to be adopted by those outside of your brand. We facilitate the amplification of your messaging within these ecosystems.

PR Campaign Management & Strategy

TMC offer the full spectrum of Public Relations activity.

Crafting timely press releases that are newsworthy and deliver a measurable return. Interrogating specialist databases to identify the most effective publications and writers. Engaging senior management in media training and negotiating on-air coverage. If your message needs to be seen at scale, we will support you.

Advertising & Print

With over 16 years serving our clients, our disciplines have been honed on tried and tested techniques – ensuring style is always underwritten by substance.

Striking printed collateral is still crucial– especially when used as part of strategic event attendance. Audiences consume information from publications, journals and papers, all of which provide the opportunity to communicate your brand message. Combining exceptional design and effective content, TMC are your trusted partner for delivering tangible assets.

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Email Marketing

Data capture and a robust email strategy is fundamental in developing a relationship and dialogue with your audience. We help you keep consumers within the conversion pathway, driving them back to your website. The results are correlating uplifts in conversion, brand advocacy and revenue.

We use CRM-based email management systems, as well as the latest e-mail clients to create segmented, automated or targeted communications to keep your users invested.

Medical Writing

Our content development services include a team of highly experienced Medical Writers. Our extended team has over 20 years of experience in creating industry leading content across a broad range of therapy areas.

We understand the growing pressures on your medical teams, working in a heavily regulated environment. We look to remove the time pressure on them by delivering powerful and engaging content.

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