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We use proven frameworks to get to the heart of the creative brief. We deliver solutions that help brands disrupt the noise and serve as the foundation for all communications.

The most effective brand identities transcend all other forms of popular culture. Logo recognition as a gaming concept has seen a huge rise in popularity in recent years, with creative assets, shapes and even colour ways, recognisable when the organisations name is removed. This is testament to how deep-rooted the consumer relationship is between a brand and it’s visual identity.

Brand Development

Crafting a brand that demands attention, begins with the definition of your narrative, tonal values and visual identity. Every brand has a story. We help you extract the core characteristics that bring it to life. Using our bespoke and proven staged process, the Studio explore multiple directions to achieve maximum impact.

Even the most well-established brands should look to evolve their identity as their competitive landscape changes. Whilst your vision may remain unchanged, the way in which the world views your brand is ever-changing. TMC have experience elevating brands. We reimagine core graphics in new ways, to help you maintain relevancy within your desired markets.


Graphic Design

Our Studio is led by experienced Art Directors and innovate Designers. We generate ideas and explore your brief through visualising the complex and communicating the abstract.

We mitigate design risk through compliance, research and a thorough approach. We align with the regulatory challenges that many of our clients face. Extensive audits of the competitive landscape ensure every concept is completely unique.



Pictures may paint a thousand words, but video content is king. Whether used for internal communications or lead generation, video content communicates complex messages and conveys emotion more effectively. TMC work with you to demonstrate the value of video for your organisation, generating buy-in from key stakeholders and developing the most captivating visuals.

Our in-house team create video content in a range of formats. Talking heads to KOL interviews. Animated infographics to social media stings. Whether on-site capturing content or enhancing footage in post-production.

Equipped with the latest technology, our video artists tell compelling stories to forge emotional connections.

Three people are at a table, looking at a storyboard


Professional stills are a powerful device to express key messages. TMC has nurtured a multi-skilled team of photographers, specialising in portrait, organic and commercial imagery.  Equipped and ready to capture pivotal milestones on location, bringing your brand to life.

Post-shoot, retouching using the latest software and programmes ensures your final assets have longevity.


Animation & Illustration

Going beyond videography and photorealistic renders, animation can conceptualise key content. TMC’s talented animators and illustrators love to push the boundaries of creativity, with hundreds of hours of experience under their belts building powerful narratives.

Sensitive, emotive or heavily legislated concepts are sometimes best reimagined in a hand-drawn environment and can prove even more emotive than other media. We build fully bespoke rigs layered with thousands of keyframes (accompanied by scripted narration), to produce valuable assets for our clients. Each storyboard has the flexibility to evolve over time.


Exhibition & Event Design

We have proven experience in delivering mixed media assets for global congresses and exhibitions. Each focused on maximising delegate engagement. Successful stands look to influence the user journey and navigation of the physical space. We map out target pathways, ensure cohesion between panels and develop powerful messaging hierarchies to command attention.

Combining the latest technology with exceptional print, reinforces an organisations position and provides a persuasive tool to generate new leads.

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