Medical Societies

Medical societies play a vital role within global Healthcare. If they didn’t facilitate the sharing of life-saving knowledge, techniques and technologies, medicine as we know it would stagnate and collapse.

But these associations are facing a changing landscape. They need to adapt to protect their unique communities and member funding. Anti-corruption legislation, healthcare reform, voluntary industry codes, employers, the public and patient groups are all actively engaging with medical associations and making them rethink almost everything they do.


With over 16 years’ experience working in collaboration with Medical Societies, TMC has a proven track record of delivering intelligence-led solutions through our full-service team. We work with them to address key challenges and ask the right questions…

  • The legacy of Medical Associations means current members could potentially consist of three generations. How do they then account for the wildly different levels of digital literacy and expectations?
  • Individual work-life balance choices are changing and member commitments to join and also contribute may be changing too. How do they ensure engagement?
  • Shifting regulations result in complex new rules to navigate. How do Societies ensure campaigns are compliant despite these challenges?
  • There is a growing demand to meet ESG goals and an increased environmental consciousness of the delegates. How does the current model of Congress need to change to satisfy this?
  • In-person attendee numbers at congresses and events are lower than expected, in recent years. How do Societies continue to encourage footfall?

To meet commercial funding and membership goals, Medical Societies should look to embrace a flexible and strategic approach. They should pursue new technologies and invest in consumer research so their efforts are targeted and relevant.

‘Medical associations must defend their independence, leverage their legitimacy and be agile enough to engage their constituencies in new ways.’ – Ben Hainsworth, Managing Director at EASL

Multi-generational engagement

Capturing and retaining the attention of such a diverse audience requires an omnichannel approach. Tailored messaging needs to resonate with the right person, at just the right time.

Catering to differing device types and accounting for the legibility of text, digital communication tools should be responsive. The impact of traditional offline marketing should not be overlooked. Balance is needed.

Crew and interview from PCR London Live 2022 - video production

TMC know this from experience. We offer a multi-disciplinary service provision that is built on omni-channel marketing. We expertly blend powerful traditional media and future-proof technologies. Glorious, full-colour booth graphics, intertwined with augmented reality. Forging emotional connections with the traditionalists and the next generation.

Navigating complex regulatory guidelines

Our dedicated Client Services team navigate the complex world of healthcare regulation with a scrupulous eye for detail. Our campaign messaging is developed under the ark of code compliance and guidelines. We save you time and resource by ensuring our approach aligns with and counteracts your pressure points.

From Interventional Cardiology and Neuropsychopharmacology to the detection of Circulating Tumour Cells (CTC’s), our strategic communications are rooted in accuracy.

Speakers on stage at the MedTech forum

Commitment to ESG and sustainability

Satisfying ESG commitments whilst trying to engage and grow a global audience is no mean feat. TMC have proven experience in negating the environmental impact that Congress and Courses can have, through adopting an inclusive digital strategy that meets member requirements.

Rich, virtual environments that mirror the in-person experience hold the key. Offering members the ability to digitally participate in an engaging way, ensures accessibility for all, counteracting geographic, economic and social barriers.

We will work with you to educate, empower and build a positive legacy.

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The Challenges & Opportunities of Medical Associations – Boardroom Globa


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