Virtual Environments

In today’s world, it is more important than ever for an organisation to act responsibly.

Consumers, employees and investors seek transparency when it comes to how a company performs as a steward of nature, how it manages relationships with its stakeholders, and how it is governed.

TMC can help you achieve your ESG goals, using the power of immersive technologies. Open your doors to a global audience, drive social equality and reduce emissions and costs – all by harnessing the power of virtual environments.

Bespoke virtual environments for your organisation.

Bringing your brand to life, a virtual representation of your physical (or aspirational) surroundings can engage, inform and educate your audience on a new level.

From high-spec laboratories and schools, to vast arena and event spaces; our multi-disciplined team create photorealistic worlds tailored to your exact requirements.

Existing content can be repurposed and reimagined, consumed in a new way by the user.

Our process begins by establishing how an immersive, animated or 360 environment can help achieve your commercial goals.

Evaluating your audience, key messaging and objectives, the space and journey is built around the target user. Placing interactions in key hotspots, we integrate elements that drive engagement, ensuring that all content is accessible.

Custom built and future-proof.

Navigating through your virtual world, the user is fully immersed within the journey, able to explore deeper levels of content with a 360-degree view.

Each environment can be enhanced through a series of interactive features. Floor maps allow for effortless navigation, with signposts at key positions to enhance the user-journey.

Whilst there a wealth of ‘add-ons’ to draw from, some of our more popular features include;

  • Discovery Hotspots
  • iframe Video/Audio Embeds
  • Interactive Quiz Cards & Questions
  • Integrated User Forums
  • Quick Links
  • Multifaceted Information Windows
  • File Downloads
  • Virtual Meeting Rooms

Truly bespoke and created with endless ways to expand and evolve, the resources are engineered to remain current, relevant and engaging for users.

Learn through play, aboard the Siemens Infinity STARship…

Endless opportunities for application.

Whilst virtual ‘realities’ were once found only in futuristic tales, countless industries can now take advantage of the newer immersive technologies.

Most recently, TMC have collaborated with clients across the Healthcare, Technology and Third sectors, to;

  • Showcase core brand messages, products and services.
  • Build engaging learning spaces.
  • Host remote field trips, facility tours or simulations.
  • Bring audiences together.
  • Facilitate equality of access and opportunity.
  • Support sustainability and ESG targets.
  • Allow access to facilities where Health & Safety presents traditional barriers.

Explore our Panoramic Tour of the Ruby’s Fund Centre, one of our more local Social Impact projects…

Adapted to your demographic.

Allowing for full immersion from any device, audiences can navigate the environments from desktop, mobile or tablet. Understanding where your users spend their time and the tools they use to learn and engage, is critical in realising any communications strategy.

Virtual experiences flex and adapt to accommodate every strategy.

Even the youngest users can use immersive technologies to learn. Realising narratives and themes as colourful animations, virtual environments can be used to sculpt a pathway for those in the classroom.

Offering a valuable brand asset that leads to greater engagement, the exploration of your virtual space actively increases retention and dwell rates.

Helping you to build relationships with new audiences, whilst nurturing existing connections, organisations can proactively gather user data to continuously optimise and engage the experience.

Virtual Environments; our next-generation solution to captivating, educating and inspiring.





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