CSR and Social Impact Strategy

The world is changing. Consumers and employees are becoming ever-more discerning when it comes to who they want to work for or buy from. They expect responsibility, action and accountability from businesses; choosing to support brands that share their values.

With over 20 years’ experience in creating and shaping programmes that benefit global communities, our Social Impact team have developed educational initiatives, virtual environments and a wealth of people-focused campaigns that continue to build a powerful, positive legacy.

Using the pillars of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) to provide a framework from which your organisation can stand out from its competitors, TMC have proven how community and social investment can reap commercial benefits.

Why develop a Social Impact Strategy?

The conception of a measurable CSR and Social Impact Strategy can help reap rewards on multiple levels;

  • It can help you to win business – procurement teams are looking for evidence of positive goodwill in the community, and social value questions are gaining increased weighting on tender awards.
  • Investors take note – they look for evidence of how a business conducts itself and reports beyond its legal requirements.
  • Customers care – they vote with the pounds in their pocket, seeking brands with reputations that align to their own values and the things that matter to them.
  • Enhanced talent pool and staff retention – people want to work for a company that aligns with their personal values.
  • It cultivates an eco-system of sustainable business growth which provides a positive impact on People, Purpose and Profit.
  • It can contribute to ESG reporting through the demonstration of a robust plan and ongoing commitment to several ESG pillars.
  • It can have a direct impact on brand reputation as you become synonymous with your values.

Which sectors can benefit from these initiatives?

Whilst ESG Reporting is a focus for most businesses and compulsory for others, our Social Impact team has collaborated with clients across healthcare, manufacturing, science & technology sectors as well as with local government to develop authentic approaches in support of ESG pillars.

Striving to educate and empower

For businesses looking for action-orientated means to support the advancement of the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), TMC will work with you to create, deliver and evidence a programme of activity on a local or global scale aligned to: 

TMC will work with you to create, deliver and evidence a programme of activity on a local or global scale aligned to good health, quality education, gender equality, reduced inequalities.

Our End-To-End Service Provision

End-to-end provision: Impact Audit, Competitive Benchmarking, Recommendations and Commercial Alignments, Partnerships, Strategic and Creative Programme Development, Programme Delivery, Programme Promotion and Marketing, Impact Measurement, Brand Elevation.

Real-world application

From immersive animated stories where children can enjoy first-person gameplay to highlight the need for action to combat climate change, to vast virtual environments designed to engage and inspire students about the possibilities available to them in STEM careers, explore our real-world case studies below.

Take the next steps

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