ESG Data Visualisation

Developing and delivering animation using data visualisation techniques, showcasing the actions taken by Siemens to achieve key targets and other Environmental, Social, and Governance reporting requirements.

In order to document their progress to a wide variety of stakeholders, leaders and decision-makers, Siemens collaborated with TMC using data visualisation tools to create an animation made up of 40,500 keyframes that demonstrated the impact the business was making in decarbonisation and efficiency.

Siemens have set out their ambitious goal of a 78% reduction in operational emissions by 2030 through their DEGREE framework – an assembly of clear and measurable targets to ‘build a better tomorrow for the good of society and the planet’.

In order to motivate and encourage positive action across all sectors, this information would have to be presented in a highly visual and easily accessible format. The animation could then be disseminated through a multitude of platforms, including the Siemens #Transform2022 event in Manchester City Centre.

The project
  • 90+ Hand illustrated and animated scenes

  • 150 Layers per scene

  • 40.5k Keyframes

Our Solution

Utilising Siemens’ sustainability DEGREE framework (Decarbonisation, Ethics, Governance, Equity, Employability), TMC created an animation that centred on easily accessible, key messages and chapters. Each of these chapters represented a part of the acronym, with an individual, tailored narrative to demonstrate results using ‘Ambition, Achievements, and Status’ statistics.

During pre-production, TMC gathered and pulled together core content and relevant data into sections, highlighting Siemens’ ESG commitments to B2B customers, C-Suite and Operations Managers. This systematic division of data was underpinned by the overall question; “How is Siemens building a better tomorrow?”

With an extremely short time frame, both TMC and the client were committed to the efficient deliverance of a powerful concept, with devotion from all parties essential. TMC committed a team of six people, including three animators, to progress the project from designing the initial concept and style frame, developing a script and storyboard to editing the final monumental animation.

Using the storyboard as a foundation, then moulding Siemens’ existing infographic branding to bring it to life, the team worked collaboratively to bring an identity to each ‘Topic Ambition, Topic Achievement and Target Status’. Each sub-section worked in harmony with the DEGREE framework, ensuring any question surrounding Siemens’ adaptation to changing circumstances, was pre-empted and answered.

Using Data Visualisation Tools to the next DEGREE:

When undertaking the initial strategic planning, the requirement for a fully autonomous asset was established. Due to the intended placement of the animation, the information needed to be accessible, without the attendance of a speaker. For employees, this could manifest as the sending of an e-mail or the availability of the animation on a global intranet. For external stakeholders however, the animation needed to hold weight at exhibitions and as part of wider communications plans.

Delivering the presentation effectively required a dynamic animation that placed focus on the statistics, drawing attention to the key messages being communicated while catering to the varying attention spans of the viewer.

The blending of different graphic elements to create continuous transitions proved key to retaining interest. One of the most effective transitions was that of the ‘chapter heads’. For the Decarbonisation segment, the letter ‘D’ transformed into the boundary lines for a virtual environment – complete with moving public transport, infrastructure and buildings. This illustrated the clear connection between Decarbonisation and our towns and cities.

TMC provide expert solutions for progressive companies such as Siemens by developing immersive and complex campaigns and data visualisation tools that spotlight the impact of their actions towards ongoing environmental, social, and health issues through immersive and virtual environments. Our team align a business’s needs with a strategy that goes above and beyond conventional marketing to ensure people-focused projects that build a powerful, positive legacy.

Siemens data visualisation tools campaign, screen preview of quote

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