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Frances started her career as a web developer after studying International Business and Japanese at university; a prelude to her ongoing ability to balance multiple projects with complex components!

Throughout her three years at TMC she has had experience working on a variety of projects. Developing market-leading websites for global healthcare organisations one day, to coding interactive games for virtual environments the next, Frances is a vital member of the Digital Team.

Join us as we discover life as a Front End Web Developer here at TMC;


What are your tasks on a day to day basis?

The Digital Team try to ensure that most of our day is spent working on one project, allowing us to really get stuck into it and develop the best solution. Other days may consist of several smaller tasks such as internal meetings, building new components or functionality on sites we’ve created or manage, SEO optimisations, general improvements, bug fixes and more.


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How do you find working from home?

I love working from home! I’ve found that the real ‘quiet’ I can achieve at home has helped me to be more productive in my day-to-day as I can concentrate more easily. Having a zero-mile commute is a huge bonus too!

I feel that TMC has really embraced the flexible working model and everyone does a great job at still making me feel included and part of the team.

Which other teams do you work closely with at TMC?

All of them! Each day I can be talking to someone from our accounts team, marketing, studio or social impact, all relating to different client projects.

I think there’s quite often a misconception that working as a web developer is a somewhat isolated job, and whilst there are times when you do need quiet to focus, in reality a web build project is a very collaborative effort.

What traits/skills are required within the web development discipline?

One thing that is imperative to have in the digital industry is a love of learning! In this field of work there are regular updates to the technology and software that we use, and failure to stay up to date will see you left behind!

This love of learning should be accompanied by a good head for problem solving, the ability to think things through logically, and to be able to work and communicate well with others.

Do you have any tips for girls and women entering the world of dev?

I think it’s important to keep reminding yourself to know your worth, and to come back from any knocks to your confidence.

Imposter syndrome can be really difficult to manage. Being automatically judged on your ability to do your job can be a battle sometimes, but I try to see it as a challenge more than anything. It’s one of the things that motivates me to do better and better. Plus, it is a great feeling knowing that your being in the industry might help inspire and make it easier for other women to get into it.


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