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Stakeholders are on board with your campaigns. Internal teams are aligned. But did you take in to account the context of your content marketing efforts with regards to the audience persona, and where your content will be seeded?

Without context, content marketing can be like shouting into a black hole.

Where do you start when it comes to adding context to your content? This can often seem overwhelming. But with simple steps to following the process, you can soon be adding more relevant context to each channel.

The first step to establishing context is determining your audience persona.

You can do this through a variety of ways. Looking at your current offering and the current audience is your starting point. When you fully understand who these are you can start to think about your prospective audiences and customers.

Once you identify your audience persona, you can look at their behaviours.

  • What platforms do they regularly use?
  • What time of the day do they tend to digest more content?
  • How relevant is the content to their needs?

What content are you currently providing and how can this be improved with regards to your presence and context?

When you establish when and where to post your content you are instantly becoming more relevant to your target audience.

The key thing to remember about context is:

Just because you see a social media platform being used by others, it doesn’t mean that it is right for your target audience.

No one size fits all when it comes to content marketing. And there’s no set rule of thumb for where your prospects may be.

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