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Are ESG and CSR the same?

Where does SI come into the mix?

There is a growing requirement for businesses to be good corporate citizens. Prioritising making a positive social impact, acting ethically, and ensuring long-term environmental sustainability is becoming increasingly important. We are therefore finding increasingly innovative ways to help our clients highlight their credentials and find the best solutions for their businesses.

Purpose beyond Profit

As a strategic communications agency, we take our role in devising powerful solutions for our clients to help them evidence ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance, embed and showcase CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility and commit to SI – Social Impact for all their stakeholders very seriously. Our vision as a company is to create a lasting positive social legacy. Being able to work with global clients, connecting them with businesses, communities, and individuals, amplifies our opportunity to do this. In developing solutions, we strive to always deliver the added value; the touch points that go beyond commercial imperative.

TMC Strategic Communications

 Engaging and Connecting

Developing these solutions and strategies can manifest itself in many ways.  This is dependant on the organisation and its existing values and cultures. It might be creating a framework and resources to train and support a workforce to volunteer time to speak and mentor local community groups.  Or, it could be developing an education programme, and teaching and learning tools to support educators in helping young people understand more about disease empowering them to make positive decisions in relation to safe behaviours. Whatever the execution, what is important is that it is genuine. That it resonates with all stakeholders in the business, and importantly, clearly demonstrates a business’s purpose beyond profit.


A win, win in action

An example is the work we undertake for Siemens, on a local and national level.

Locally, in Congleton, we created an initiative that enables them to engage and directly support their local community. The Rollercoaster Challenge enriches learning for pupils in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). It connects Siemens’ employees with local schools and directly supports social mobility in the local area. It’s a win-win! Raising the Congleton site’s profile as a significant contributor to the local economy. It also increases the number of apprentice applications within engineering roles supporting Siemens’ national effort to boost skills in STEM.

Nationally, we are working with Siemens to communicate key messages surrounding Climate Action. Driving awareness of their climate protection efforts and contributing to a commitment to being carbon neutral by 2030. We are supporting them in empowering young people and their supply chain. Educating them to realise they can make a difference and encouraging them to be proactive and get involved. We did this by developing a gaming environment with a first-person player viewpoint. This fully immersive tool is immediately appealing to young people, stands out and makes important messaging engaging and accessible.

ESG and CSR - use of illustration in marketing

Making a positive impact

Up until recently, these types of activities may have been seen as the domain or responsibility of large corporates.  Now, open and transparent ESG reporting, and the development of a measurable CSR plan and engagement programme is becoming a necessity for all organisations. It will reap rewards on multiple levels:

  • It can help you to win business – procurement teams are looking for evidence of positive goodwill in the community, and social value questions are gaining increasing weight on tender awards.
  • Investors take note – they look for evidence of how a business conducts itself and reports beyond its legal requirements.
  • Customer care – they vote with the pounds in their pocket, seeking brands with reputations that align with their own values and the things that matter to them.
  • It attracts talent and helps to retain staff – more fully engaging employees with your business, people want to work for a company they can be proud of.

Find out more

If you’d like help in decoding ESG and CSR and SI, and in finding a solution that works for your business, get in touch. Our Social Impact team has over 20 years experience in creating and shaping initiatives offering a win-win for businesses and communities. They’d be happy to explore your requirements and share further examples of work. Contact for more details.

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