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In late November, Denmark proudly hosted their newest sustainability summit; REBOOT 2023, in the historic city of Odense. Here, organisations of all sizes gathered to discover innovative brands, explore expert advice, and experience solutions that look to encourage greater sustainability efforts to produce a stronger bottom line.

True to our commitment to working within the theme of sustainability, TMC were delighted to host our own booth, offering guidance to organisations on how they can weave ESG more seamlessly into their communications to build stakeholder trust.

Our new interactive tool took centre stage, allowing delegates to engage in self-reflection regarding their communication initiatives. By providing insights into best practices and offering opportunities to speak with the TMC team, the booth became a hub for organisations seeking guidance on aligning their communication strategies with sustainability goals. We look forward to releasing follow-up data gathered from the interactive tool, shedding light on where Danish organisations perceive themselves to be on their sustainability journey.

TMC further contributed to the event by hosting a dedicated speaker session in the auditorium, drawing an audience of over 120 delegates. Natascha Lauritzen, TMC’s Copenhagen-based Senior Marketing and Operations Manager, shared insights on incorporating ESG themes into communication strategies, with the session aiming to enlighten attendees on the importance of building stakeholder trust through these practices.

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The summit was a fantastic opportunity for TMC to engage with Danish organisations and build relationships with those that share the same values. During the event, TMC were also invited to attend the REBOOT Awards Evening, and were proud to applaud the worthy winners, acknowledging the achievements of those contributing to sustainability.

As the world increasingly focuses on sustainable practices, events such as REBOOT play a crucial role in fostering collaboration and sharing insights for a more sustainable future. TMC’s participation in the event highlights our dedication towards guiding organisations on the right path towards communicating more honestly and authentically.

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