Daniel Harmer

Account Executive

Daniel helps to drive projects to reach their KPI’s through his experience with client collaboration and communication, alongside his creative perspective, understanding how to create a successful end result with a shared point of view.

TMC Strategic Communications

Daniel holds a Business Management (BA) degree and has ran an independent brand development company for four years. During this time, he developed a strong set of skills in strategic planning, financial management, marketing, operations, HR, and project management.

With experience in providing online solutions across the Middle East, USA, Europe, and the UK, Daniel has honed his client collaboration and management skills. He particularly enjoys involvement with projects that require fast-paced, organisational, and multi-disciplinary qualities.

As a part of the Client Services team, Daniel brings valuable skills in project management, client relations, and creative problem-solving to TMC.

“The greater our knowledge increases the more our ignorance unfolds.” – John F. Kennedy


  • Client and account handling
  • Project management
  • Positive client relations
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Strategic planning


Charity shopping. Attending gigs. Stand up comedy. Pub quizzes. Attending Newcastle matches. Cycling. Documentaries. Travel.

One Day

Watch Newcastle United win the Champions League!

You’ll Never Guess….

My first part time job was deep cleaning a seal tank at a local aquarium with 12 seals still inside!

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