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Developing a product-rich website for one of the UK’s largest suppliers of urban landscape products, with a clear user journey and fast loading time.

Leaders in their industry, Hardscape is an award-winning landscaping material supplier that offers a diverse range of landscaping and paving products, comprising of a range of both natural and man-made materials.

TMC was tasked with developing a custom website that reflected Hardscape’s position as a leader in their field. A platform that could be updated by their external PIM (Product Information Management) system, that was confident in its simplicity, clear in its messaging and highly engaging through design and content. Above all else, to define clear user journeys that allowed visitors to navigate Hardscape’s products and services effortlessly.

Our Solution

Through our collaborative process, TMC began by unpicking Hardscape’s complex offering of products and services, aiming for a website that was easy to manage whilst optimising speed. We created a new visual identity that provided impact, alongside defining a clear user journey and tools that supported the workflow of their customers.

Hardscape custom website development wireframe
Hardscape website development

Built in a modular way, the custom website development allows Hardscape to showcase inspiring visuals and engaging pages whilst retaining a strong sense of design through space. Our integration with their PIM (Product Information Management) system enabled their team to effortlessly update the site as well as their internal systems efficiently.

TMC case study hardscape custom website on tablet

The distributed deployment coupled with ‘lazy loading’ of assets ensured that highly visual pages load incredibly fast, without sacrificing impact. The incorporation of a client area, which enables users to create mood boards of case studies and products, positioned the site as a leader in the field by providing a tool that supports their workflow.

Hardscape website on mobile
TMC case study of Hardscape website design - user experience

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