Fluent Campaign

An impactful campaign with creative concept, artwork, key messaging and deliverables to be used across both print and digital media. The multi-channel campaign had to clearly communicate the value to several target audiences at once.

Hologic is a global champion of medical technology with a focus on women’s health. They are key leaders in fluid management and minimally invasive surgery, and empower people to live healthier lives everywhere, every day, through early detection and treatment.

This multi-channel campaign focussed on the launch of Fluent, a revolutionary new fluid management system (FMS), providing simplified procedures with greater control for hysteroscopy.

Our task at TMC was to develop a creative concept, artwork, associated key messaging and deliverables to be used across all appropriate digital and print channels in a multi-channel marketing campaign. The deliverables highlighted the key features of the Fluent, and how it remains unrivalled in fluid management efficiency, and patient safety in the operating room, ambulatory and out-patient setting.

Ad from the Fluent campaign. Two hands holding the venus symbol

The Solution

Targeted at Gynaecologists, Nurses and Purchase Decision-Makers, the campaign had to clearly communicate the value of the product to all sectors, demonstrating the benefits for all. There was a requirement for strong, informative and creative messaging, whilst maintaining alignment with the Hologic brand. Creating awareness of the advanced technology and providing materials and content to draw in the right audience was key.

Our in-house project and studio team developed the concept and styling of the campaign, symbolising the fluidity of the Fluent management system through the movement of liquid. This was then blended with the female gender symbol to represent the area of expertise, culminating in an impactful asset that could be used across mixed media.

To amplify the core campaign device, a series of distinct visuals were created with eye-catching design and emotive messaging. These included digital graphics such as web banners, social media posts, a landing page and printed media such as leaflets and banners.

Eye-Catching Animation

To supplement the strong visuals, a strategic communications plan was developed, targeting the defined audience through paid amplification on LinkedIn. This ensured the placement of content in front of individuals within specified audiences, for optimum results.

With video content being ranked so highly by social media algorithms, creating animated social posts alongside static graphics was key to the success of this media. These assets highlighted the benefits of the Fluent in an easily digestible, eye-catching way.

Fluent campaign landing page

Creating a Customer Journey

To ensure a slick transition from each social media platform through to the Hologic website, a bespoke landing page was created to pair with the messaging. This entry page presented users with further information about the Fluent system, retaining their interest and increasing the likelihood of deeper site navigation.

As well as adding value to the campaign and increasing visibility, the landing page allowed for key insights and the ability to track user interactions on the page, gathering direct information on the response to the social call to actions.

View the Hologic Fluent Landing Page >>

By combining strong messaging and striking visuals, we were able to deliver an effective campaign to successfully launch Fluent; Hologic’s revolutionary new Fluid Management System.

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