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Virtual Event Environment

Immersive virtual environment, replicating a real-life conference setting. The multi-level exhibition centre allows for easy user navigation and the opportunity to integrate additional functionality and content over time.

The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) represents one of the largest public-sector investments in UK manufacturing, bridging the gap between academia and the industry.

Established in 2010 as an independent Research & Technology Organisation (RTO), MTC opened its innovative facility at Ansty Park in Coventry at the end of 2011. The role of MTC has since increased to cover not only R&D, but Training, Advanced Manufacturing Management and Factory Design.

MTC host a series of well-attended annual conferences, however, due to the restrictions of COVID-19, they sought an agency partner to create and deliver a ground-breaking virtual environment to replicate the physical MTC centre where delegates would usually meet. Featuring a multi-storey atrium, the environment was to be utilised for events, with scope for expansion and further development.

The Solution

Our team designed and developed an immersive environment that was constructed to bring together the many voices of manufacturing and industry in one virtual space. The platform has a modern, futuristic and scientific aesthetic, representative of MTC’s Coventry building and their aim of celebrating the UK’s manufacturing resilience, ingenuity, and diversity.

The virtual environment was created as a multi-level building, allowing for easy integration of additional content and extension of the virtual space over time, enabling MTC to showcase further events and technological features in the future.

Atrium MTC sketch for virtual environment
Atrium MTC within virtual environment

The ground floor was populated and styled as a “welcome” atrium for two major conference events; the National Manufacturing Summit (NMS) and the Industrial Transformation Conference (ITC), with further atriums providing a gateway for users to attend key features of the event.

Selected workshops and speakers of interest were streamed through the platform, with each feature designed to provide an immersive experience and recreate the real-life event.

MTC virtual environment on phone
Virtual sessions at MTC

“Both the Industrial Transformation Conference and National Manufacturing Summit virtual atriums look incredible, and we have received some really good feedback on them, so thank you again to you and the team for a great job.”

Richard Watkins – Group Marketing Director, Manufacturing and Technology Centre

The effortless user navigation throughout, enabled an audience of senior business leaders and directors of SME’s to hear from key influencers in emerging technologies as they would have at a physical event.

To strengthen the legacy of the events via networking opportunities, screens throughout the environment promoted the events’ social channels. Directing users to these dedicated Twitter and LinkedIn profiles also contributed to enhanced reach of the event for future attendees.

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