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How can marketing and sustainability teams work more closely?

Discussed in the webinar “Igniting your marketing strategy through ESG” on 23rd February 2023

Hosted by TMC Strategic Communications’ CEO Tim McCloud and Social Impact Director Alannah Moore, our latest virtual event welcomed an expert panel of speakers from Siemens, Cognovi Labs, Planet Mark and Perfectly Fresh!.

Discussing the complex, but importantly symbiotic, relationship between Marketing and the Boardroom, the panel delve into their own perspectives on ‘How marketing and sustainability teams can work more closely together’. Providing actionable insight and commercial experience, learn how to enhance brand visibility and improve brand reputation.

Watch the episode below:


Tim McCloud

How do we get marketing and sustainability teams to work closer together? How can marketeers see the benefit of that collaboration?



Simon Allison

That’s a really good question. I’ll offer my version of the truth.

I think it all boils down to purpose. Lanna mentioned this earlier on in our session. When you have a purpose that you and your marketeers, or your external marketing and service provider, can buy into, you do something quite powerful.

You immediately come together with the sense that you’re all pursuing the same North Star. You’re all headed in the same direction – and that enables things like day-to-day intention.

What projects to go after? How to talk about them? Where those messages should be externalised, to become much clearer for everyone. It also prevents anyone (the sustainability team, marketing, your board) from drifting.

We call it ‘mission creep’, where some great new solution comes along and we think, “Oh, we should do that next.”

Actually, having a purpose keeps you on track. It prevents that mission creep; it prevents you diluting your messages and becoming confused – perhaps investing in the wrong things.

If you write the right paper statement – the one that gets everyone bought in – it can have all of that emotion, all of that future resolution built into it. It can be very powerful.




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Want to hear more? Listen to our panel discuss further topics below…



Simon Allison.

Sustainability and Innovation Manager, Perfectly Fresh! 
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