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Over the past decade, the transition from physical to digital marketing, including experiential marketing, has been overwhelming. With huge emphasis now placed on the mastery of digital platforms, the concept of designing compelling assets for in-person events has now become a niche skill. For those responsible for driving forward their organisation’s exhibition or congress experience, it can feel daunting in comparison to more familiar online marketing activity.

However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that the fundamentals of marketing remain the same, regardless of the medium. The success of the booth, stand, or collateral relies heavily on the first impression it makes on visitors. By using visually striking designs, concise messaging, and engaging elements, organisations can elevate their brand and captivate delegates. This, in turn, will pave the way for valuable networking opportunities and lead generation.

Experiential Marketing; best practice, added value and reasons to invest:

  • Emphasising visually striking designs, concise messaging, and engaging elements helps elevate the brand and captivate delegates.
  • Crafting a powerful first impression through visually stunning designs and compelling messaging is essential for ROI and customer attention, and an experiential marketing agency can provide the expertise to achieve these goals effectively.
  • Booth design with digital and AI technologies allows for creating unforgettable experiences and revolutionising audience engagement.
  • Embracing sustainability in booth design reduces environmental impact and showcases commitment to responsible practices. Using sustainable materials such as reusable flooring and recyclable panels enhances brand image and credibility.
  • Considering carbon emissions associated with international travel and opting for eco-friendly choices helps reduce environmental impact.
  • Immersive experiences, personalised interactions, and aligned messaging leave a lasting impact and open doors for collaborations.
  • Incorporating best practices and a collaborative approach in stand concepts ensures maximum impact and resonates with delegates.
  • Attending events connects brands directly with potential prospects, impacting brand relationship-building goals.
  • In-person events provide insights into the latest advancements in the industry and keep businesses updated on emerging trends.

The value of live events in a digital world

Virtual events have become a popular, highly convenient tool for organisations in today’s highly connected, post-pandemic world. However, it’s important not to overlook the enduring value of in-person networking.

Industry events and congress offer valuable direct B2B or B2C interaction opportunities. While online communication opens the door to accessibility and entirely new audiences, there’s no substitute for genuine face-to-face connections. By nurturing these relationships, we leave a lasting impression and expand our network in meaningful ways.

Exhibiting at these events puts brands, products, or services in the spotlight, creating direct connections with potential prospects. When positioned effectively, this can tremendously impact the brand’s relationship-building goals. In addition, increased exposure to industry experts and potential customers opens doors to exciting business opportunities and partnerships.

Moreover, these events provide a platform for gaining insights into the latest advancements in the industry or desired sector. Whether it’s staying updated on academic breakthroughs, technological innovations, or emerging trends, attending in-person events immerses brands at the heart of their field.


A Siemens digital wall display at a congress

A step towards sustainability – video walls, interactives, experiential marketing and data visualisation

It’s impressive to see how far booth design has come with the integration of digital and AI technologies. With interactive displays, video walls, and data visualisation tools, we can create unforgettable experiences that truly revolutionise the way we engage with our audiences.

Sustainability is a dominant theme in booth design and printed collateral, driving businesses to incorporate eco-friendly materials. By embracing digital features such as video walls and interactive displays, organisations can reduce their environmental impact while staying true to their vision.

Using sustainable materials such as reusable tile flooring, recyclable panels, LED lighting, and recycled stock makes every aspect of booth design more eco-friendly. This showcases environmental responsibility, highlights commitment to responsible business practices, and enhances brand image and credibility with new networks and potential customers.

International travel is an integral part of attending events, but it’s essential to consider the carbon emissions associated with it. While achieving a zero-carbon footprint is challenging, organisations can take steps to make travel more environmentally friendly. Opting for economy class instead of business class alone can halve emissions. Choosing low-emission airlines helps limit any carbon footprint. Lastly, sending only essential team members significantly reduces travel-related emissions.

Group of women engaging in a conversation at a congress

Crafting a powerful first impression; the key to impact within print

To ensure a tangible return on investment and captivate the attention of potential customers, any creative should look to prioritise a visually stunning booth design, clear and compelling messaging, and captivating features that draw delegates into the stand.

Just like any successful communication, whether it’s digital or print, or experiential marketing the content of the booth should be informative, attention-grabbing, and leave a lasting impact. It’s about creating an immersive experience that goes beyond the ordinary, establishing meaningful connections through personalised interactions, and aligning the key messaging with company goals and values. By doing so, we can elevate the brand to new heights, leaving a lasting impression on attendees and opening doors for future collaborations and opportunities in the realm of experiential marketing.

TMC Strategic Communications

Stand concepts; from brief to execution

At TMC, we understand and prioritise our client’s needs, core messages, and branding objectives. They serve as our guiding principles, acting as a check and balance throughout every step of the marketing campaign. By fostering a collaborative approach, we can generate maximum impact by creating a visually impressive design that not only considers the physicality, layout, and access points but also considers the competitive landscape, target audience, and KPIs.

Incorporating best practices from both Marketing and Studio expertise, TMC ensures that our clients’ booths resonate with delegates and go beyond achieving the desired outcomes.

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