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Faxitron® Trident®

An innovative multi-channel campaign creatively promoting workflow efficiencies with 3D animated and static visuals, combined with engaging messaging. The campaign exceeded estimated KPI’s and provided exceptional lead generation results.

Hologic is a global champion of medical technology that provides innovative products within women’s health. Using cutting-edge science, they are continually improving efficiency, accuracy, and precision to deliver excellence in disease management, transforming breast care around the world.

This multi-channel marketing campaign focussed on promoting the workflow efficiencies delivered to radiologists and surgeons by using the Hologic Faxitron® Trident® HD Specimen Radiography System during breast surgery.

Our brief was to develop a campaign that engaged with both breast surgeons and radiologists, encouraging them to either book a demo of the system or get in contact with the team to learn more.


The Results
  • 1.49M Users exposed to the campaign content

  • 13k Visits made to the campaign landing page

  • 22k Users clicked on the content

Ad of the Faxitron Trident Machine in an animated surgical setting for multi-channel marketing campaign

Our Solution

Our creative team developed a strong range of initial visuals and messages aimed at both breast surgeons and radiologists. The direction ‘Turn images to answers where it matters’ was chosen by the client, clearly communicating that Faxitron® Trident® HD efficiently delivers accurate results on the spot. The two coffee mugs placed next to each other indicates the efficiencies created by the instrument, allowing radiologists and breast surgeons to ‘work together like never before’.

With this concept in mind, our 3D design team created a virtual environment indicative of an operating theatre with the instrument in focus. Using 3D technologies allowed for a variety of animations and static images to be created, which were shared across the channels within the campaign. Additionally, a hero animation was created which focused on the key campaign messaging and how surgeons and radiologists can more easily work together when using the Faxitron® Trident® HD.


Multi-channel marketing approach

To ensure that both target audiences were reached, a multi-channel communications plan was developed by our strategy team. This included LinkedIn sponsored content, industry publications (print and digital), E-newsletters and Google pay per click advertising.

The campaign achieved 1.49M impressions and nearly 22,000 clicks, clearly exceeding the estimated KPI’s. The campaign also led to the completion of nearly 50 lead generation forms, suggesting that the campaign was successful in activating the target audience and provided exceptional results for the client.

“The Faxitron Trident HD campaign is a fantastic example of collaboration between our internal departments and the client; resulting in a visually exciting concept, engaging messaging and a strategic plan which clearly captured the interest of the target audience and provided exceptional results.”

Fran Garnsey – Account Director, TMC

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