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Brand Identity

Developing a robust brand identity, scalable across multiple channels to communicate credibility and authority within the food, pharmaceutical and health and beauty sectors.

Perfectly Fresh! produce premium-quality salad leaves via Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) within their vertical farms. They are truly champions of sustainability and hold a vital position as a viable long-term solution for the future of food. Using less land, water and resources than traditional agriculture, they have been supplying to popular supermarkets and national catering brands since 2020.

Recognising the commercial value that superior plant-based ingredients hold within the Pharmaceutical and Health & Beauty sectors, TMC collaborated with the vertical farming company to re-evaluate their corporate structure and brand identity. Recognising the need for the development of an overarching ‘umbrella organisation’ to facilitate this move, Perfectly Fresh! quickly became the consumer-facing ‘fresh food specialist’ in lieu of the master brand.

Exploring the essence of their success and clarifying the long-term strategic ambitions of the organisation were the first steps. Any brand identity would require the ability to sit confidently within a clinical and corporate space, while generating impact. Assets and logos would need to tell a story beyond Perfectly Fresh!, speaking with clarity on the proprietary technology and superior product quality to generate trust towards the brand.

Our Solution

When concepting the new identity for the master brand, language was critical in conveying the right tone and resonating with the target organisations. Naming conventions had to feel clinical enough to sit appropriately within the sectors, but authentic enough to carry the weight of their strategic objectives. Semantically linking two prefixes together, ‘Oragen Group’ was formed. ‘Ora’ meaning ‘Climate’ nodded to the proven technology that replicates the most desirable growing conditions, whilst ‘Gen’ represented the next ‘generation’ of farming.

Having established the mission, vision and key corporate objectives, any omni-channel communications needed to support their underpinning aim ‘to produce perfect plants’. Exploring Oragen Groups ambitions and Perfectly Fresh!’s industry experience, it became apparent that their unique position was built on the intricate relationship between science, nature, and technology. Blending these factors enabled the first stages of a new visual identity, manifesting as three equally proportioned, yet overlapping, circles. From these circles, the negative space and overlapping geometric shapes revealed the ‘perfect’ three leaves, from which the logo was born.

Whilst Oragen Group and Perfectly Fresh have a clear relationship, their visual identity needed to be markedly different, due to their intended use. Taking inspiration from the Perfectly Fresh! colour palette provided a base point for asset development. With a more corporate and less-consumer facing audience, a reduction in vibrance and saturation provided a more appropriate collection to work with.

Defining the clear mission statement “to transform unsustainable supply chains by harnessing the power of science, delivering perfectly consistent products and ingredients the world wants and needs.” offered the first step in outlining the tonal values of Oragen Group. Following a strategic workshop, the tonal values of ‘Consistent, Approachable, Transparent, Constructive, and Professional’ provided a benchmark for communication across all platforms and channels for the brand.

Oragen Group white logo placed onto green leaves with helix graphics.

Brand recognition beyond the logo ident

Establishing Oragen Group as pioneers within the Controlled Environment Agriculture sector required the creation of distinct brand features, that would give credibility to any outwardly facing collateral. Leveraging a leaf ‘helix’ created by layering the geometric shapes within the logo, a unique asset was uncovered. An asset which provided a huge scope of creative directions for corporate decks, presentations and the eventual digital platforms.

Providing a linguistic fingerprint for Oragen Group, the tonal values were reinforced through a universal, omnichannel messaging matrix. Segmenting key statements on goals, actions, social impact, credibility and viability, provided a simplified pathway for future communications.

Collaboration between Perfectly Fresh! and TMC led to the launch of Oragen Group, enabling the organisation to pursue corporate objectives and make valuable connections within the target markets. With the consumer-facing Perfectly Fresh! sitting as a subsidiary of Oragen Group, the door is open to further brand development as the company grows and evolves.


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