PCR Live From London

Video Broadcasting

Delivering a five-part live broadcast during PCR London Valves, enhancing global perception of attending in-person courses on the subject of Interventional Cardiovascular medicine.

Connect the global Interventional Cardiology community. Shape the future of patient care. PCR’s mission is built on uniting industry professionals to provide education and practical experience through regular, in-person courses.

Choosing to collaborate with TMC, the team conceived a live chat-show format that would be broadcast twice a day for online attendees, summarising the news, events and late breaking science from the ExCel Centre. This innovative journalistic show had the added benefit of highlighting the many advantages of attending in-person. Each episode could then be broadcast simultaneously on YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook and the PCR digital platform, reaching a global audience.

Having previously collaborated to re-imagine the courses as a ‘virtual studio’ during the COVID-19 pandemic, PCR and TMC concluded on using a ‘late show’ format. An additional cardiology twist could then best engage the global community interested about PCR London Valves 2022.

The Results
  • 35 Guest speakers

  • 200+ Minutes of live broadcasting

  • 190% Uplift in viewers

Behind the scenes of PCR London Live 2022 on camera view

Our Solution

The project centred on one of the most popular courses in the annual calendar – PCR London Valves. This three-day course hosted a programme of educational speakers within London’s ExCel centre, with a dedicated studio for the live broadcasts. Each episode provided a platform for Interventional Cardiologists to share their perspective on the industry, building a series of varied content content under the title ‘PCR Live from London’.

To meet the objectives of a contemporary and easily-digestible asset, a presenter-lead format was chosen. This was complimented with a feature window, opening onto 3,500 attendees within the centre, bringing an unmissable atmosphere to those online.

Art direction, sound, videography, lighting, and digital skillsets were co-ordinated and undertaken by TMC for each broadcast. Within this, four camera operators captured both the multi-angled interview and impromptu discussion across the show ground, between interventional cardiologists and attendees. Strong, branded digital assets provided a high-quality experience to the series, opening each broadcast with a 3D fly-through title card and defining speakers with lower third name tags.

Crew and interview from PCR London Live 2022 - video production

Encouraging a global audience

To sustain engagement, speaker relatability was key. Implementing this required each presenter and guest to showcase their varied experience within their field, providing layered education to the entire five-day series. Those in their early careers alongside more experienced Interventional Cardiologists were invited to give a broad perspective of the news and techniques presented during the entire course.

Three days, five episodes, and an average of forty-five-minutes runtime each episode, reflected the entire conference program. Distribution across YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter and the PCR digital platform immortalised each episode, initially streaming live to global audiences before becoming accessible on-demand. Dissemination onto these platforms enabled the project to meet its goal – Interventional Cardiologists from across the world partaking in shared learning, whilst reflecting the enhanced experience from attending in-person.

TMC supports innovation. We understand the need to create bespoke solutions to position our clients as innovators, using the latest tools and techniques to reach their strategic objectives. PCR London Valves offered further opportunities to share our real-time broadcasting resources to meet this need.

Take a look at PCR Live from London 2022 here.

Crew from PCR London Livestream

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