Virtual Studio

Enveloping remote video recordings in an engaging framework to bring annual courses to new global audiences in the field of Interventional Cardiovascular Medicine.

PCR provides an online educational platform, connecting a community of physicians, allied healthcare partners and industry professionals across the globe.

The organisation has established itself as the authority on Interventional Cardiology, providing robust content to advance the discipline for Professionals and Patients alike. By becoming a member of PCR, those looking to learn, have access to 10 international ‘courses’ taking place throughout the year and a wealth of online materials, publications and assets.

As with many member organisations, navigating an increasingly digital world presents a set of unique challenges. Their rich history means current members could potentially consist of three generations, resulting in widely divergent levels of digital literacy and expectations. In addition, the growing demand to meet ESG goals coupled with increased environmental consciousness of the delegates is resulting in lower in-person attendee numbers at events and courses.

The Results
  • 11k + In-person and online attendees

  • 30k + Video Views on YouTube

  • 7 Years working relationship with PCR

Using online educational platform for EuroPCR - Mobile Phone view

Reaching global audiences

The initial client brief centred on the remote recording and post-production of interviews, with specialists from across the globe. In addition to the traditional recordings, a new dynamic framework was suggested, to bring the assets to life.

Key Considerations

  • Engage and inspire in-person and digital attendees
  • Attract a new audience from all corners of the world, to share their most recent research
  • Develop evergreen digital resource that better houses remote video recordings

Our Solution

Facilitating PCR’s hi-resolution, video call recordings of physicians since 2017, TMC has had a unique opportunity to observe the changing nature of the annual courses and the way that healthcare professionals share and use information.

Understanding that the existing videos needed to be evolved to create a more engaging user experience, TMC took the idea of ‘knowledge sharing’ and ‘reporting the latest changes in Interventional Cardiology’ and explored the creation of a virtual television studio. Within this studio, PCR could host live recordings of multiple specialist speakers engaging in round table discussions, without the limitations of international travel.

Creating the first iteration of a virtual studio required inspiration from a physical location. EuroPCR 2022 was held in Paris in May 2022, so to ensure the digital representation mirrored the in-person Course, the environment was modelled on the cityscape, using popular landmarks within the background. The modular build of the virtual environment allows for different landscapes to be swapped in, giving the asset longevity and allowing for further use at different courses.

The varying media walls within the virtual studio allow for different discussion types, accommodating slides where needed and giving viewers the illusion of the speakers ‘facing’ each other. With the speakers often located in different continents, the ability to bring them together through an online educational platform demonstrates PCR’s ongoing mission of sharing knowledge.

3D visual of studio set-up, showing news screens model
3D visual of studio set-up, showing news screens model
Gradient purple background image for EurpPCR online educational platform

“This looks great. Love it, thank you and all the team for helping us create a studio experience worthy of EuroPCR 2022.”

Brianan Stanley – PCR Industry Partnerships Coordinator, Euro PCR

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